Research Interests

Generally, I am interested in information technologies and systems for human-centered information processing (transactional or analytical, at individual, group and organizational levels). More specifically, I have the following related interests:

  • Information design, information architecture, information visualization
  • Web information systems/web engineering
  • Business intelligence systems, visual information exploration, dashboard
  • Design science research in information systems

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Recent Works

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Recent Publications

  1. "Active and Collaborative Learning through a Blog Network," the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS), Savannah, Georgia, March 8-9, 2013
  2. Peltsverger, Svetlana and Guangzhi Zheng, "Defining a Framework for Teaching Privacy in Information Assurance Curriculum", Proceedings of the 16th Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education, Lake Buena Vist, FL June 11-13, 2012
  3. "Student Engagement through Unified Lectures with Student Presentations,” 2012 USG Teaching and Learning Conference, Helen, Georgia, April 12-13, 2012
  4. Zheng, Guangzhi and Vaishnavi, Vijay K. (2011) "A Multidimensional Perceptual Map Approach to Project Prioritization and Selection," AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction (3) 2, pp. 82-103
    Available at:

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General Resources

  1. Association of Information Systems
  2. Theories Used in IS Research
  3. ScienceDirect (GSU Proxy), ACM Digital Library (GSU Proxy), IEEE Xplorer (GSU Proxy), Business Source Premier (through Galileo)
  4. IBM Research, Microsoft Research
  5. Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Research

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